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20 mg of Lexapro
Anti-depressants - are drugs that facilitate or prevent depression. Prior to the discovery of antidepressants to treat depression actively used substances with excitatory effect, can cause a state of euphoria (opium and other opiates, caffeine, ginseng). To reduce the anxiety and irritability used valerian, also used a bromine salt. But the real revolution was the discovery in psychopharmacology of antidepressants in the early 50s. Since then, for over half a century, these drugs are a key tool to combat depression. Despite the fact that the era of antidepressants began recently, it already has its "myths of creation."

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Since the beginning of the twentieth century, researchers have experimented with a variety of substances, trying to synthesize the drug to ease the symptoms of depression, but the experiments ended in failure. The first antidepressant was "discovered" in 1957 by chance, when doctors noticed the effect of the drug iproniazid, which was used in complex treatment of tuberculosis. Apart from the main effect of the drug, and was marked by a side that was to an unusual increase in mood in patients with tuberculosis. Soon it began to use the drug to relieve symptoms of depression, the more so as a remedy for tuberculosis, the drug has not justified itself.

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According to another version of the drug action is opened Nathan Kline, and its opening was also more than random - he tried using the drug to prove the theory of the location of "the ego." During psychoanalytical sessions, Klein noted that some patients to whom he gave the drug, suddenly ceased to worry about problems over which they have worked. Iproniazid was put on the market, but it soon turned out that it increases the risk of jaundice, and sales of the drug was stopped. At the same time, Germany was opened by Ronald Kuhn imipromin. Kun gave his patients a variety of drugs, in order to build on their reactions global classification of mental disorders, which German psychiatrists of that time were obsessed. As in previous cases, the drug was "open" when the patients began to rise up. Unlike iproniazid, imipromin still included in the official list of drugs to WHO and Prozac has been the best-selling anti-depressant.

When opened the first antidepressants, no one could have imagined that just a few decades, antidepressant therapy virtually displace other species in the treatment of depression, and the results of a survey conducted in the late 20th century in the United States, the greatest discovery of the past century will be recognized not the theory of relativity and not the Internet, but a small capsule of Prozac.

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