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Global Mapper - geology symbols supported in version 10,02

Posted by Maurizio on 02 Feb 2009 | Tagged as: GIS software, GPS, Google Earth, NASA WorldWind, Virtual Globes

Global Mapper has added in version 10,02 the ability to easily create strike-and-dip (geology) points by right-clicking in the Digitizer Tool. You can now place your strike-and-dip points and specify the dip value, azimuth angle, and symbol to use and get the appropriate symbology displayed on the map. In addition point symbols can now be rotated by a user-specified angle and custom area fill styles can now be added from image files.

These additions have finallty evolved Global Mapper into an affordable, excellent and easy-to-use geology mapping tool.

Global Mapper is a comprehensive software package capable of manipulating, and view in true 3D, most raster, elevation and vector formats as well as accessing with ease online (including WMS) sources of imagery, topographic maps, and gridded terrain data. Furthermore it also supports data export to World Wind, Virtual Earth, Google Earth and Google Maps.

Global Mapper v10.02 can be downloaded at .
Just download that file and run it to install v10.02. It will also install over any existing Global Mapper v10.xx version.

Global Mapper v10.02 is a free upgrade for registered users of any Global Mapper v10.xx product.

Registered Global Mapper v9.xx users can purchase an upgrade licence.
Without a licence Global Mapper can be used in demo mode.

For help in getting started Click Here for the User’s Manual and a series of Video Tutorials.

For a licence at discounted price contact

back from FOSS4G2008

Posted by Maurizio on 02 Oct 2008 | Tagged as: Events, GIS software, Google Earth, NASA WorldWind, Virtual Globes


Cape Town is currently hosting the 2008 Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) conference,  an annual gathering of developers and users of open source geospatial software from around the world to discuss new directions,  implementations and growing business opportunities in the field of open source geospatial software.

Conference Theme for 2008 is “Open Source Geospatial: An Option for Developing Nations“.

I am just back from the Mother City after presenting 2 demos and a  lab with mixed results. 

Was it worth? Definitely yes.

Being side by side with the heroes of osgeo and finally meet in person legends like Frank (GDAL) and Chris (OpenLayers) was a tremendous  experience.  I was pleasantly surprised … they are actually very nice guys ;)

Biggest lesson learned? Internet connections, supposedly the best in Africa,  suck :D

Now everyone knows. And hopefully for a few weeks I will not be asked to upload any 500Mb file ;)

Next … some details about my activities at FOSS4G2008!

SoMAP: webmap for Somalia crisis

Posted by Maurizio on 29 Jan 2007 | Tagged as: GIS software, Maps, NASA WorldWind, Satellite Imagery

The current Somalia crisis prompts us for an early release of SoMAP, the webmap which was being put together for SWALIM, the Somalia Water and Land Information Management project run by F.A.O.  in Somalia. 


SoMAP is based on a prototype 2D browser viewer being developed by Nowak of  F.E.F. which is capable of integrating data not only from conventional WMS services but also from tile servers of various formats, including our own WorldWind tileservice 

SoMAP features a number of global Landsat 7 layers (both in true colour and infrared) from NASA plus layers from MadMappers relevant to Somalia such as raster maps in scale 1:200.000 and  1:100.000 , Quickbird imagery and vector data (including MadMapper’s Mogadishu streets by Mart and historical flooded areas by SWALIM).

A WorldWind add-on is to follow soon.

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African Index Maps for OziExplorer added

Posted by Maurizio on 25 Feb 2005 | Tagged as: GIS software, Maps

Behind any map archive, no matter how small it is, there should be a set of index maps: overview country maps and national map-list indices. By the use of index maps the required correct map will be identified and located in a matter of seconds.
If you are an OziExplorer user you are lucky, the index map system is fantastic.
In the Raster Maps - Africa Index Map section you will find overview maps for every African country in ozf2 format. Store them in the Index Maps folder of your OziExplorer program directory and you will never loose a map again.
If you are not an OziExplorer user do not despair: tell us which program you use and which image format you prefer and it will be added. In the meantime you’ll be able to use the index maps in the free Trial version of Oziexplorer.

We have included 2 national maplist maps: Namibia and South Africa. With them it is possible to identify the name of any 50k map in these countries. If you have maplists of other countries please send them to us and they will be included in the National Maplist section.

Software update

Posted by Maurizio on 08 Feb 2005 | Tagged as: GIS software

It is with great satisfaction that we announce that MadMappers has become a distributor for the finest, easy-to-use GIS software in the world: Global Mapper.
GlobalMapper virtually combines in one suite what otherwise requires 2-3 other programs  to achieve. It is suited both to the beginner (if you are not sure about map projections, you will learn about it as you experiment) and to the GIS professional (NASA project engineers are the most active on the Global Mapper user forum). Price? let’s say we consider Global Mapper essential part of any MadMappers toolkit and so it is at a promotional price. Read more in the “GIS Tools” section.

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