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SoMAP: webmap for Somalia crisis

Maurizio 29 Jan 2007 | : GIS software, Maps, NASA WorldWind, Satellite Imagery

The current Somalia crisis prompts us for an early release of SoMAP, the webmap which was being put together for SWALIM, the Somalia Water and Land Information Management project run by F.A.O.  in Somalia. 


SoMAP is based on a prototype 2D browser viewer being developed by Nowak of  F.E.F. which is capable of integrating data not only from conventional WMS services but also from tile servers of various formats, including our own WorldWind tileservice 

SoMAP features a number of global Landsat 7 layers (both in true colour and infrared) from NASA plus layers from MadMappers relevant to Somalia such as raster maps in scale 1:200.000 and  1:100.000 , Quickbird imagery and vector data (including MadMapper’s Mogadishu streets by Mart and historical flooded areas by SWALIM).

A WorldWind add-on is to follow soon.

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