February 2009

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Upgrading MadMappers server …

Maurizio 06 Feb 2009 | : Uncategorized

MadMappers website has just been temporarily moved onto the Free Earth Foundation  servers so that MadMappers server storage capacity can be upgraded. 

This move may result in weird thing happening due to broken links: please report faults by mailing us the page url in question.

For some years now the Free Earth Foundation  have unconditionally supported the MadMappers initiative providing bandwidth and server support. A big thanks in particular to Nowak (Adam), f0urtyfive (Matt) and Bull_[UK] (Daniel) who have dedicated much of their time and outstanding expertise to make things happen.

MadMappers’ fourth birthday … ooops!

Maurizio 05 Feb 2009 | : Events

Ooops, we missed it! It was 5 days ago :(

That’s terrible … to miss our own birthday!

We have been much too busy … still that is as unforgivable as forgetting your girlfriend, wife or daughter birthday … :(

I missed cake and candles … and the chance for reminiscing about the past.

I am not too late for a resolution: next year I want the cake no matter what and … why not … a dancing party as well  ;)

Global Mapper - geology symbols supported in version 10,02

Maurizio 02 Feb 2009 | : GIS software, GPS, Google Earth, NASA WorldWind, Virtual Globes

Global Mapper has added in version 10,02 the ability to easily create strike-and-dip (geology) points by right-clicking in the Digitizer Tool. You can now place your strike-and-dip points and specify the dip value, azimuth angle, and symbol to use and get the appropriate symbology displayed on the map. In addition point symbols can now be rotated by a user-specified angle and custom area fill styles can now be added from image files.

These additions have finallty evolved Global Mapper into an affordable, excellent and easy-to-use geology mapping tool.

Global Mapper is a comprehensive software package capable of manipulating, and view in true 3D, most raster, elevation and vector formats as well as accessing with ease online (including WMS) sources of imagery, topographic maps, and gridded terrain data. Furthermore it also supports data export to World Wind, Virtual Earth, Google Earth and Google Maps.

Global Mapper v10.02 can be downloaded at http://www.globalmapper.com/global_mapper_setup_v1002.exe .
Just download that file and run it to install v10.02. It will also install over any existing Global Mapper v10.xx version.

Global Mapper v10.02 is a free upgrade for registered users of any Global Mapper v10.xx product.

Registered Global Mapper v9.xx users can purchase an upgrade licence.
Without a licence Global Mapper can be used in demo mode.

For help in getting started Click Here for the User’s Manual and a series of Video Tutorials.

For a licence at discounted price contact www.madmappers.com