Thanks to Mike of Global Mapper ( the South African raster maps (250k and 50k) are back on-line for free download.

We never stop to be surprised by Mike: not only he has developed a brilliant piece of GIS software but his efficency and response time in crisis is unmatched by any standard. While some of us are busy thinking of ways to solve a problem, Mike has already found and implemented the solution.

Please report any problem in file download. Particularly “file not found” messages. Some file names will need to be corrected so that they are compatible across both Windows and Linux platforms.

Finally: some users have been quite distressed by the non-availability of free downloads. We remind everyone that this is a free service, financed by no-one but ourselves. It would be nice to hear a “thank you” from time to time. Impolite e-mails are definitely out of place and do not deserve any reply.