We are conducting system tests. Please keep it in mind if something unexpected occurs.
3 maps of South Africa scale 1:250.000 are currently available for free download:

3318 Cape Town
3319 Worcester
3320 Ladismith

You will notice that pages relative to these 3 maps differ from all others map pages not yet available for download, in that a grey “download” button is now present. Note that maps which are not available for download no longer have the “download inactive” button. This note was removed to avoid the impression that certain maps in archive were about to become available for download without author’s consent.
Once unzipped the above mentioned maps are ready-to-use and calibrated for  OziExplorer and Global Mapper (see GIS Tools” section). If you wish to use in other GIS software please enquire with us.
After you have completed downloading please send us a feedback mentioning:

- name of downloaded file
- time and duration of download
- average download rate (if available)
- type of connection
- GIS software you use (optional)
- any other comment

Once tests have been successfully completed the set South Africa scale 1:250.000 will become available for free download.