After a long development period goes live!
We are indeed disappointed for not having been able to secure a sponsored data server.
Many prospective sponsors have panicked as soon as they realized that the amount of download data would run in the order of hundreds of Gibabytes.
Hopefully by going live we will be able to spread our plea for one or more sponsored server.
We are particularly disappointed because we have been granted web distribution rights for South African data: we had planned to release for free download the topographic series scale 1:250k (70 maps) and 1:50k (over 2000 maps).
This would have been a first for the African continent and put MadMappers on the global map, next to the U.S. Geological Survey.
Our motto is “African GIS accessible to all”: isn’t out there anyone who shares this vision and does not wish to receive global exposure by associating its name with this ambitious project?
Until further notice will supply data on media only (i.e. CD or DVD) and only in exceptional circumstances by controlled download.We would like to extend a particulat thanks to Louis Cretier (Turin, Italy; mail: he has dedicated many months of volunteer work in developing the Meltemi map search and management system which, in our humble opinion, is superb both for provider and user. For this project Louis had to develop from scratch many innovative ways to do “web things” so that web users (i.e. ourselves) could become “web providers” without knowing how.
Without Louis the MadMappers project would have never been.

Lot of work has still to be done both on the website and on loading of data.  For an overview of the currently available MM collection click here. As we write we have 12651 maps in archive!
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