Lot of work has still to be done both on the website and on adding of data. Yes, there is more. Possibly what you’ll find now is only slightly over 50% of the MM collection. In addition to aerial photography and satellite imagery there is the whole vector section which still needs to be added! For an overview of the currently available MM collection click here.

Keep watching this space for updates on newly available mapsets and data releases.

A couple of words on data policy: whenever possible MM will favour providing unpublished original data. There is an enormous amount of raw data on the web which requires added processing before being practically useful. Whenever you identify raw data feel free to contact us: we will advise and assist you in data processing so that a new improved MM mapset can be produced.

There are many MadMappers in the closet out there: if you have created ANY map please contact us. If it is unfinished we will help you finish it. It will be added in the Raster Maps MadMappers section giving you full credit for your work.