Most MadMappers are Oziexplorer users. Why? Simply because it is the best value for money GIS software on the market. Ozi, as we call it, can handle both raster digital maps and vectors, it can be connected to your GPS for uploading and downloading data and it is an excellent moving map software. Furthermore updates are free and support magnificient

Madmappers have acquired distribution right for OziExplorer: a way to help MadMappers survival is to purchase the Oziexplorer licence from us (particularly if you have an illegal copy). Price is the same as from the software developer and in addition you get a value packed CD with 70 maps of the South African map series scale 1:250 000 and Gtopo30 Digital Elevation Data which you would spend hours to download on your 56k modem.

We are likely to be criticised for supporting certain software packages rather than others. We support what we use. If another MadMapper does not agree with our choice he is welcome to support on this forum anything he likes. We will listen, judge and hopefully be convinced. But please, do not avoid price comparisons! The Madmappers motto is “GIS data accessible to all”. The word accessible has been chosen for this exact reason: data must be suitable for use in software we can afford.  Sustainable Development cannot be based on cracks and illegal software!