Easy access to GIS data and tools is essential for development

On the African continent, politicians constantly search for ways to stimulate development but too often overlook the need for maps. Common perception is that development will create resources needed for compiling good maps.

The opposite is in fact true: good, easily accessible maps are the foundations of development.

Our motto is “GIS data accessible to all“.

Accessible in the sense that data must be both reasonable in cost and suitable for use in software we can afford.  Sustainable Development cannot be based on cracks and illegal software! MadMappers intends to facilitate the free flow of African GIS data and know-how so that development can finally take place.

South African maps available! Mapping and GIS part of modern life
OziExplorer available with SA maps! Maps from Cape to Cairo
Zulu 7 mosaic available on DVD set MM Void-filled SRTM-3 DEM data on DVD
Format Conversion Service Aerial Photography of Southern Africa
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