Madmappers have secured distribution rights for the most popular moving map software in the world (that is our opinion). Hundreds of thousands of users can confirm it. Till today African maps were not easy to get and when they were the cost was exorbitant. The only solution was for the user to scan his own maps or to use an inferior product with maps. Madmappers have compiled a CD containing a fool-proof installation of Oziexplorer, Ozi 3-D demo, Southern African name database and Gtopop30 elevation data and the full set of 70 maps South Africa scale 1:250 000 from The Chief Directorate: Surveys and Mapping. Plus much more. All at the incredible price of Rand 645 (US$ 85) plus postage. Price is inclusive of the Oziexplorer licence key. If you already own Ozi do not despair: when you purchase a licence for Ozi 3-D at Rand 220 (US$ 30) you will qualify for the same CD (postage not included)! What about OziCE, for the lucky ones who travel light with Pocket PC’s or Handheld PC PDA’s: Rand 220 (US$ 30).