For the past 5 months the website has been remarkably quiet. Those who are close to the MM community know that this has been because MadMappers’ commitments have grown to such an extent that we have had little time for the website.

This is actually not correct: for financial reasons first (too much traffic!) and technical reasons later we have had to move (and set-up) our servers 3 times in the last 5 months, so in reality we have spent lot of our time learning to do ourselves all sorts of “web stuff” we knew nothing about.

And then … we spent lot of energies in many different projects which will come to some concrete results in the next few weeks. We are very excited on the future, great things are on the pipeline and we will try to update you one project at the time in the next few days. A few keywords to keep you wondering: AfricaTopo, WorldWindAfrica, Space, AfricaGIS2005, UNO ….

As some of you might have noticed that the MadMappers’ forum has been moved on Yahoo!

and it now consists of 122 members. We receive an enormous amount of mails at and it would help us immensely if some of the “how do I …” would be directed to the forum.

Finally we would like to thank many MadMappers who have actively helped in the past months, in particular Hans, Peter, Duncan and Christian.