February has been a long/short month.
Short  for the number of days in the calendar but mostly because many of the targets were not achieved. I guess we were over-ambitious: time, time, time.
Long, because as our monthly traffic cap shrunk very quickly and was exceeded extremely quickly: we would have liked this February to be only 10 days long!
In truth we had never hoped to have so much traffic, there are more MadMappers out there than expected. Very surprising to us was the area distribution of the traffic, truly international, with only 26% share for South Africa. All Continents were well represented except Asia.

We have succeeded in finding a bandwidth sponsor in North America and we are confident to have a reasonable amount of downloadable maps shortly. Data is on its way to the USA and should be loaded on the server any time soon.

We have also received some interesting data contributions from academic institutions. Data will require extensive processing but will enable MadMappers.com to offer some unique products not available anywhere else.

You might have noticed that search for Vector data returns “no such data available”. This is does not mean that that data does not exists, just that it has to be entered in the MM archive. Before doing that we have to find the most practical way to list it, possibly in graphic form, and most importantly it should be presented in a standard projection and format suitable for everyone to fulfil the aim GIS data accessible to all.
If you have any particular requirement enquire with us

Finally a big thanks to all the guys who have been helping: without you it would not have been possible.